A Revolution in Field Management SaaS

WIZniche is Coming Soon

Small business owners, particularly those in service industries, are accustomed to managing multiple tasks simultaneously. From operations and finance to team management and dispatching, and scheduling to estimating, invoicing and customer service, inventory management, and so much more. A day in the life of an entrepreneurial go-getter is no joke. All too often, small business owners are using multiple platforms and widely disparate software applications to manage these functions. Efficiency takes a backseat to just keeping up with business. Finally, a better way is coming.


WIZniche is an all-in-one field management solution designed specifically for small businesses and customizable across a wide range of service industries, or “niches.” (See what we did there?) WIZniche is currently in the final beta stages with a public launch slated for later in 2023.


WIZniche was designed by a successful service business entrepreneur who was frustrated with the limitations and inefficiencies of software solutions available and accessible for his business. When he couldn’t find a solution, he built one. The WIZniche development team painstakingly navigated every step of a multitude of business processes and interactions, taking into consideration an exhaustive list of employee, supplier and customer interactions. The result is a robust, scaleable field management solution that leverages state-of-the-art, user-friendly tech that can be applied across a wide range of service industries. 


WIZniche is proof that smart can be simple. Whether you’re a one-person shop just getting started, have an established company with a 10-person crew, or are a larger enterprise with a large fleet, WIZniche is easily customizable and – more importantly – easy to use. Onboarding is a seamless process so you can get up and running quickly with everything all in one platform, including estimating, invoicing, payment processing, scheduling and dispatch, team management, customer management, inventory management, and more. Follow @WN on social media and visit WIZniche.com to stay updated on developments and release dates.